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The Parker Family

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Monday, March 30, 2009

A little grin for everyone!

Another little grin

No more pictures!

A great big smile for mommy and daddy!
So this past weekend, Preston and I went to North Carolina to see our family and the newest addition! Leah is so very pretty and Jacob is one handsome little (well, actually quite big) man. We had a short but great visit with them. Leah is growing so fast and I hate that we don't get to see them more often. Well, while we were I got to get an ultrasound at 27 wks. It was such a great experience and so much fun! Ezri is growing so much. It was so neat to see her up close like that and to see her personality. She is quite stubborn and I have no idea where she gets that from! We did find out that my placenta has moved and we should not have to worry about that anymore! That was such a relief! Well, I hope everyone enjoys the pics of Ezri- courtesy of Prenatal Peeks and my wonderful sister-in-law Katie! Also, my next appointment is April 1, so I will let everyone know how it goes!
25 wks

24 wks

23 wks

Here are the latest pics of me and Ezri.