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The Parker Family

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Monday, November 3, 2008

So, this whole time since I found out that I was pregnant I have not been sick. I was so excited that I was pregnant and wasn't having to go through the whole morning sickness thing. I teased my sister-in-law Katie because she was sick and I wasn't. Well, I guess I am now getting what I deserve for being so mean to her. Saturday I didn't feel awful but I could tell I wasn't feeling like I normally do. By sunday night, I couldn't make it to church because I felt so bad. I had still not gotten sick though. Then came monday! I have been so sick since this morning. Katie, you can now make fun of me!
Well, on halloween I turned six weeks. My tummy has grown 2 inches and I am now experiencing morning sickness. What joy! I have posted a new pic of me at six weeks. You can't really tell that I've gotten any bigger, but according to Preston I eat like a horse so it probably won't be long until you start to tell!