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Monday, November 3, 2008

So, this whole time since I found out that I was pregnant I have not been sick. I was so excited that I was pregnant and wasn't having to go through the whole morning sickness thing. I teased my sister-in-law Katie because she was sick and I wasn't. Well, I guess I am now getting what I deserve for being so mean to her. Saturday I didn't feel awful but I could tell I wasn't feeling like I normally do. By sunday night, I couldn't make it to church because I felt so bad. I had still not gotten sick though. Then came monday! I have been so sick since this morning. Katie, you can now make fun of me!
Well, on halloween I turned six weeks. My tummy has grown 2 inches and I am now experiencing morning sickness. What joy! I have posted a new pic of me at six weeks. You can't really tell that I've gotten any bigger, but according to Preston I eat like a horse so it probably won't be long until you start to tell!


Katie said...

How many times did you laugh at me....O' how the tables have turned :O)

Your loving sister-in-law


Rebekah said...

You have my sympathy, dear! Hope yours passes soon and stays away. There's no yuck quite like "morning" sickness.

Dad, Cheryl and KK said...

My morning sickness started at six weeks also, and you remember how that went. :(