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The Parker Family

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ezri was a penguin for halloween. We had a lot of fun visiting family and getting goodies. Everyone got her little toys and was extra nice by giving Preston and myself a bunch of candy! As you can tell in the picture, Ezri was very excited about all of her goodies!
The cutest penguin ever!

A big smile!

What's going on?

Ezri and Grandma.

Ezri with Nannie and PawPaw.

Kisses from Nannie and PawPaw.

Alex, Ezri, and Kayla.

Alex and Ezri.

So sleepy after a hard day of trick or treating!

Gimme the penguin!

Ezri with Grandma and Granddad.

All her goodies! Just from a few houses.
Ezri's pumpkin after.
Ezri's pumpkin before.

Ezri this month

Here Ezri is in the kitchen helping me bake pies!
She looks so tiny in her high chair! :)
She was so sleepy that she just leaned foward and went to sleep in her jumper.
Just playing in the floor.
Again, so sleepy.
Ezri and Bubba.
MiMi and Ezri.

Ezri has done a lot this month. We went on vacation, she rolled over for the first time, and she has learned to make A LOT of noises. She really likes the sound of her voice now. She also has discovered our cats, well, Piper anyways. They really like eachother. Piper lets her pull handfuls of hair out of him and he just sits there and purrs. It's really cute. She is also trying to sit up on her own.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The pumpkin patch

MeMe came over after we got back to see our pumpkin!
I want my pumpkin! :)
Daddy and Ezri picked out the perfect pumpkin.
Daddy and Ezri searching all the pumpkins to find the right one!

Saturday was a big day for Ezri. We went to the pumpkin patch to pick her first pumpkin. Then MeMe came to the house and us three went to the White Bluff fall festival for a while. We all had a blast. Ezri is going to be a penguin this year for Halloween! Pictures will be posted of her in her costume later!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ezri started laughing again tonight. Sorry about the bad camera angle. We have to hide the camera from Ezri because she gets too interested in it. Also, sorry about my fingers clicking but she wouldn't laugh unless I would do that.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giving Daddy kisses!
Having fun with Daddy after a hard day of swimming.
Floating down the lazy river is hard work! She was pooped!

She loved standing in the water.

Ezri and Mommy!

We went to the mountains this past weekend. We all had a really great time. Where we stayed had a 60,000 square foot indoor water park. Ezri got to go swimming for the first time and she loved it. We played in the kiddie pool and then floated down the lazy river a few times. We also took her out of the float and just let her float along with us. She loved the water!

Friday, October 2, 2009

MeMe and Ezri

This is Ezri this morning. This is how she wakes up every morning I am home with her! I love it!

This is Ezri and our Nannie yesterday morning. She loves getting to spend time with her Nannie and Pawpaw.