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The Parker Family

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ezri this month

Here Ezri is in the kitchen helping me bake pies!
She looks so tiny in her high chair! :)
She was so sleepy that she just leaned foward and went to sleep in her jumper.
Just playing in the floor.
Again, so sleepy.
Ezri and Bubba.
MiMi and Ezri.

Ezri has done a lot this month. We went on vacation, she rolled over for the first time, and she has learned to make A LOT of noises. She really likes the sound of her voice now. She also has discovered our cats, well, Piper anyways. They really like eachother. Piper lets her pull handfuls of hair out of him and he just sits there and purrs. It's really cute. She is also trying to sit up on her own.

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