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The Parker Family

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Eating her banana this morning

My birthday morning

So far I have had a great birthday. Yesterday I got a massage. Thank you sweetie! This morning, Ezri sat in my
lap and ate a banana and we watched Aladdin. We are going to play today, go grocery shopping, get her a princess couch, and play some more. This evening, because I married to the most wonderful man ever, Preston is watching Ezri while Becky and I go out to eat. Maybe I can talk him into letting me go to Target! :)
 Thank you Preston for such a wonderful birthday morning! And thank you to everyone who has already called, texted, and wished me a happy birthday on facebook!
Forgive my hair and the way I am dressed. It was early this morning!
She is shoving that banana in her mouth!

The boys and the kids

We had some friends over to see our new home last weekend.We enjoyed having company over especially with all the little ones running around. All four of these guys grew up together and now have kids of their own close in age. I think this is so great and we are excited for all of our children to grow up together!
Left to right: Matt and Layla (20 mos.), Preston and Ezri (14 mo.), Tommy and Allison (9 1/2 mos.), and Gavin and Sawyer (10 1/2 mos.) So Sweet! 
Preston and Layla 
Preston with Ezri and Layla

A little bit of August

Our first Sunday morning in our house.
About to go swimming.   
Her first pigtails! And dad that means Ezri's first pigtails, not mine! :)

Ezri and Layla dancing

Yelling (July)

Bye-Bye (July)

This little light of mine (July)

Monkeying around

This monkey is her favorite toy at Grandma and Granddad's house.

The doll that started it all! (Some more pics of June)

Aunt Kay sent Ezri some really cool gifts for her birthday. Ezri loved getting to unwrap them. She loved all her gifts but I think her favorite out of all of them (including all the gifts that we and everyone else got her)  was this doll that Aunt Kay got her. This doll started a fascination with baby dolls for Ezri. She loves all baby dolls but this one is still her favorite! She takes this doll EVERYWHERE with her. Yes, she even insisted on sitting on the potty with it! :)
Look at that smile!
Yes, she insisted on having her shovel and her baby!
Thank you Aunt Kay for our gifts. We love them!

Playing with the book that Aunt Kay got her

Opening the gift that Aunt Kay got her for her birthday