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The Parker Family

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Preston, Ezri, and myself went to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro this month and we had a blast! It had a special area for children Ezri's age to play in. She loved it! She climbed on mats, played tic tac toe with Daddy, and read lots of books. Unfortunately, we have a very picky child though. She does not like to walk or crawl on anything except carpet and hardwood. She hates grass and pebbles. So there were a few things that she did not like such as the box that was filled with pebbles that kids could play in and "discover" fossils. Overall though she loved it. I wish it wasn't such a long drive for us or we would go there more often because it was not only fun but extremely cheap! Look at how much fun Ezri had!
Ezri in the firefighter's hat. She looks so scared!
Ezri loved the Tiny Town Music Store.
Ezri loves to flip through books. Doesn't she look so big!
Oh how I hope this isn't what we will look like in the future!
So sweet!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grandad teaching Ezri bad manners!

Update on our house

Here are some recent pictures of our house. We got some good news today. If all goes perfect (which, does it ever?) our house should be done in...are you ready for this... ONE MONTH!!!! We are not counting on this but hopefully at least in 6 weeks it will be finished. This will put us under our June 31 dead line for the first time home buyer's tax credit.
My porch
They are putting in the electrical and plumbing this week! Each time we visit our house we get so excited. Hopefully we will be in by 6 weeks from now!

Our little rockstar!

Never leave home without a hair bow!

Thanks to our awesome Aunt Vickie, Ezri has at least one bow to match every outfit she has. I want Ezri to be VERY girly so of course I love bows. We do not leave our house unless she has a bow in her hair. Well, Aunt Vickie has made a bunch of bows and I have ran out of room to store them. So today, Grandma and I got crafty and made some hair bow holders. Before I show you the pictures of finished products, here are her bows.

These are her flower head bands.

These are her holiday bows.

These are her baseball bows that she wears to watch Alex play ball in.

These are her filly bows.

And these are the rest of her bows. Not including her bows on clips!

Here are the finished products:
Here they are with her bows on clips:
And here they are with bows and bands:
And yes, Aunt Vickie made every single bow and head band up there except for these:
After hanging all her bows on them, this is what we have left in our bow box:

Thank you Grandma for help with the sewing. And thank you Aunt Vickie for all of our bows! We love them and we wear them all the time! Soon, we will be in our new home and will be able to hang these on Ezri's wall!