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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Never leave home without a hair bow!

Thanks to our awesome Aunt Vickie, Ezri has at least one bow to match every outfit she has. I want Ezri to be VERY girly so of course I love bows. We do not leave our house unless she has a bow in her hair. Well, Aunt Vickie has made a bunch of bows and I have ran out of room to store them. So today, Grandma and I got crafty and made some hair bow holders. Before I show you the pictures of finished products, here are her bows.

These are her flower head bands.

These are her holiday bows.

These are her baseball bows that she wears to watch Alex play ball in.

These are her filly bows.

And these are the rest of her bows. Not including her bows on clips!

Here are the finished products:
Here they are with her bows on clips:
And here they are with bows and bands:
And yes, Aunt Vickie made every single bow and head band up there except for these:
After hanging all her bows on them, this is what we have left in our bow box:

Thank you Grandma for help with the sewing. And thank you Aunt Vickie for all of our bows! We love them and we wear them all the time! Soon, we will be in our new home and will be able to hang these on Ezri's wall!

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