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The Parker Family

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Preston, Ezri, and myself went to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro this month and we had a blast! It had a special area for children Ezri's age to play in. She loved it! She climbed on mats, played tic tac toe with Daddy, and read lots of books. Unfortunately, we have a very picky child though. She does not like to walk or crawl on anything except carpet and hardwood. She hates grass and pebbles. So there were a few things that she did not like such as the box that was filled with pebbles that kids could play in and "discover" fossils. Overall though she loved it. I wish it wasn't such a long drive for us or we would go there more often because it was not only fun but extremely cheap! Look at how much fun Ezri had!
Ezri in the firefighter's hat. She looks so scared!
Ezri loved the Tiny Town Music Store.
Ezri loves to flip through books. Doesn't she look so big!
Oh how I hope this isn't what we will look like in the future!
So sweet!

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