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The Parker Family

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on Ezri Willow

I just wanted to update everyone on Ezri. She hasn't taken anymore steps since Monday. She was taking steps all day Sunday and Monday but none since. She has also pooped in the potty 4 times (3 yesterday and 1 time today) and pee peed in the potty 3 times! Another thing that she has started doing is the signs for "all done" and "eat". She does the sign for "eat" for both food and drink. She hasn't quite been able to do the sign for drink. Although I can say "do you want a drink?" and she will go get her cup. The last thing I wanted to update everyone on is that she "loves" on people now. I can say "love on daddy (or mommy)" and she will lay her head on us and start smiling. It is really cute! She is just getting so smart!
I thought the baby stage was my favorite age because I just loved holding her, letting her sleep in my arms, nursing her, and watching her discover her hands, feet, and everything else that she could get her little hands on. Well, I think I am really going to love this age! She is doing so much and is really starting to like to do things besides sitting in the floor and playing with one toy. Now she likes to go outside and play with her water table. She chases the cats around. She loves when she get a hold of Piper. Piper is the cat that actually like Ezri. Yes, he runs from her, for good reason, but if she gets him he just lays there and lets her torture him until she lets go. She tackles him and then lays on him like he is a pillow. It is so funny! She likes for me to chase her and she is just generally more active and I love it! Well, I will post some pictures soon of Ezri and of our house.


Rebekah said...

I'm SO IMPRESSED with her potty progress! How great for you if it's really that easy for her!

Dana Parker said...

Yeah I was happy that she doesn't mind sitting there. As long as she has a book or a stuffed animal, she's fine! :)