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The Parker Family

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our House

This is before they started. We have been waiting since January for this to begin!
After about 30 minutes of work.
This is our front porch!
Here is Preston standing on our porch. He's excited!
Well, it's the end of march and we are finally making progress! Hopefully we will be in it very soon. The weather should cooperate it looks like. They will be pouring the concrete this afternoon so I will be going tomorrow to take pictures of that! Who ever thought that I would be so excited about concrete! I will be posting more pictures to show everyone the progress. Preston and I are very excited about our first home. We can't wait for Ezri to have room to run around and make messes. Plus, she will finally have her own room, which means we will finally have our own room!!! Also, we are excited that we will actually be able to have friends over because we will be able to fit more than 3 people in our living room!


Andrea said...

We are excited too that you guys will soon have your own house! I am looking forward to upcoming pictures!

Kelli said...

We R so happy for U guys. I remember how excited we were when we built our first house. I still have the photo album on the step by step progress. It will be fun to look back on. Best wishes. Oh yeah...that flower Wednesday night was too adorable. Loved it. Kelli