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Sunday, April 4, 2010


On Ezri's first Easter, she was sick. This past Friday Preston and I left for Georgia with some of our friends to head to Six Flags. Ezri had not been feeling well all week but we thought it was because she was teething(4 more teeth!)! So we left and about 1:00 saturday morning, my mom calls. Her temperature had shot up to 103.7. She rushed her to the ER and they poked her and poked her. She had to have a catheter as well! All while I was away. I was not happy. The said that she had hand, foot, mouth viral infection (I refuse to call it a disease) and a urinary track infection. So we get home saturday and she was still sick. We went to Sunrise Service and then stayed for regular service. We had to leave because she started screaming in pain (still not sure from what though). We take her to see our regular pediatrician who says that everything the doctors previously told us was wrong! He is not sure what is wrong since her temperature won't stay down. By the time we got home today her temp was back up to 103.5. We have gotten it to go down but we have to wait to see how she does tomorrow. Please pray that she gets better quick. We hate seeing our baby girl so sick!
Here she is with a 103.5 temperature. :(
Ezri with all her Easter goodies. She got bunnies from aunt Kay, Daddy Nard, Nana, Mimi, and Nannie and Pawpaw. A basket from mommy and daddy and one from Mimi. She also got a Mickey Mouse movie from grandma and granddad.  Thank you for all our goodies!
Playing with the magnetic letters that Mimi got us!
My precious family on Easter. You can just look at her and tell she feels awful!
Daddy and Ezri. She is turning into a daddy's girl!
Sleeping in Daddy's arms after Sunrise Service.
Still asleep.

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