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The Parker Family

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ezri's 2nd first birthday party

Ezri's birthday tutu I made for her.
She was not a fan of wearing the tutu. It came off quick.
Playing outside at the water table.
Dad at the grill!
From left to right: Carol, PawPaw, Granny Sue, Mimi, Aunt Sherry, Aunt Kim, Aunt Cindy(hiding), and Aunt Sheila. We were so happy that they could all make it! We missed Aunt Missy though!
Birthday cupcakes
She wouldn't touch the cupcakes! She had to have a cheetoh!
We were so excited that Susan and Chris pushed through naptime and brought our cousin Kayla!
Wearing Mimi's sunglasses
Mommy and Ezri

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