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Monday, July 12, 2010

Trip to see Uncle Ross, Aunt Katie, and the kids!

We went to see Uncle Ross, Aunt Katie, Leah, and Jacob in June. Because Katie is awesome, she has already put pictures of our visit up. I am just now getting around to updating my blog. We had a blast in Texas. We wish we could have stayed longer but unfortunately, we had to come home. Ezri, Leah, and Jacob had so much fun playing together. We went out to eat, took walks, and played outside together. We can't wait to be able to go back and visit.
She did so good on the ride there. She had her baby that Aunt Kay got her and 101 Dalmations to keep her company.

Jacob trying to play ball with Ezri but she wouldn't cooperate.

Ezri and Jacob were so sweet to each other all weekend.

Ezri and Jacob laughing at Leah. Who wouldn't? She is a very funny girl!

We thought this was funny. Jacob's handprint on Uncle Preston's shorts.

Ezri loved playing outside while we were there. We only played in the mornings and afternoons because it was SO hot!

She had fun walking back and forth with Uncle Ross in the front yard.

Ezri and Leah talking to each other.

Jacob is so sweet!

I love this picture. They are sitting with each other doing their own thing, not paying any attention to each other.

Maybe I'm crazy, but they look just alike to me.

Woohoo! Look at those gorgeous ladies! :)

Having fun!

Leah and Ezri loved the zoo. They have such a cool zoo in Waco.

What a cool picture!

I promise Leah was having fun but she just wouldn't smile in a picture!

Jacob had fun playing on Ezri's potty seat! He crawled on it all weekend.

Why there were not more pictures of Ezri with Aunt Katie, I don't know. But she had a blast playing with that crazy lady!
We already miss visiting with them!

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