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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Catching up

Preston was sick Thursday and Friday so guess what... I'm sick today. I have been confined to my bedroom so I will hopefully keep this from spreading to Ezri. I figured I should update my blog while laying here unable to anything. I have plenty of pictures to upload back from September. So here ya go.
 We went to the park with some friends back in September. Ezri looks chunky but she only weighs about 18 pounds here.
 Here is Ezri with Miss Mow. She has a Mr. Mow too but we couldn't find him that day. She loves cats and she goes everywhere with Mr. and Miss Mow.
 Playing with Layla at Matt and Ashley's.  Ezri loves Layla and gets so excited when we tell her we are going to see her or they are coming to our house. She walks around saying "Layla, Layla, Layla" until we get to see her.
 Ezri in her cool shades.
 Playing with Layla.
 We had to have Mr. and Miss Mow. Ezri even let Layla play with Miss Mow.
 Tea time. Ezri loves tea time. She is really good at pouring tea, just not sharing her tea.

 Preston and Layla.
 This is what we do every Sunday Morning. Ezri gets her bath, dries off, bundles up under the cover, has her milk propped up so she doesn't have to take her arms out, and watches Toy Story. It doesn't matter which one, 1,2,or 3 as long as it is Toy Story. She loves Buzz and Woody. She has a Woody doll but we haven't gotten her a Buzz yet. So now when she watches the movie, she has to have her Woody.

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