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The Parker Family

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our visit to Texas in October

There are not a whole lot of pictures with both Ezri and Jacob because they were on completely opposite schedules.  When Ezri was napping, Jacob was up. When Jacob was napping, Ezri was up.
 Jacob did not want kisses, but he got them anyway! :)

 My girl loves to swing.
 Can you tell?
 Both Ezri and Jacob wanted to swing everytime we went outside.
 Sweet boy.

 Eating ice cream with Daddy. She is definitely a Daddy's girl.
 Playing peek a boo through the chair.
 They were having a blast.

 Jacob was not really into taking a stroll down the street.

 They also loved to play with the bubbles.
 We stopped at a zoo on our way back home. It was a great zoo.

 Walking with Daddy.

 These pictures just make me laugh.

 Saying "Cheeeeeeeeese!"

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