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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

Last night, even though Ezri was very sick, we moved her to her big girl bed. She has started trying to climb in and out of her crib. She had not fallen yet but the day was drawing near when it would happen. We decided before that happened we needed to convert her bed into the daybed. So last night this is what her bed looked like.
With all of her friends in it.

Ok, I'll be honest. That is not what her bed looked like last night. This is what it really looked like.

I was very worried that she would roll off and that wouldn't feel too good on hardwood floors. So we put 2 blankets down, her princess couch, and then lined the couch with our couch cushions. She did not roll off last night and this morning she did not get up until I came and got her up. I do think that will change when she gets over her virus. She was so sick last night and had such a high fever that she was in the same spot this morning when I got her up that Preston laid her down in last night.
Now, just for the record I am very sad to have to post this about her bed. I wish she was not big enough for a big girl bed and that she was still small. She is growing up so fast I can barely keep up. She will be 2 years old in just 4 short months! And then she will be considered a toddler! I am not ready for her to be a toddler! Is there anything I can do to keep that from happening?!?

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